Hello, and welcome to my portfolio

I am a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction, specialized in designing for full body interaction activities and experiences, mediated, supported, and triggered by the use of technology.

A bit of myself here:
I did my degree (BEng and MEng) in Telecommunication Engineering in Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Sevilla. Then I came to Stockholm to do an erasmus in 2008 and stayed longer to do a master in Interactive Systems Engineering, at KTH.

This master complemented my technical background and was the starting point of a new stand on, rather than designing technology, designing WITH technology and using technology as a vehicle for designing for user experiences.

In 2010, I came to Mobile Life Centre Mobile Life Centre to do my master thesis, supervised by Annika Waern. During this time, I was also part time employed in Mobile Life, participating in the DanceCrew project in collaboration with Movinto FUN, funded by VINNOVA. I helped in designing and evaluating full body interaction games for the BodyBug (now Oriboo Oriboo) mobile game platform, by Jin Moen (Movinto FUN Movinto Fun).
From Mars 2011, I have participated in the LIREC project at SICS, a EU funded project focused on designing and future robot companions and exploring long term relationship between them and their users.

As a MEng in Telecommunication Engineering, major in control and autonomous systems, it was a great opportunity to change my perception of these autonomous systems and deal with robots from the social and interactive perspective.

Currently, I am in the PlaySpaces group in Mobile Life, in which we turn our eyes to mechanisms and practices that support the blending and coexistence of play in our everyday life and in our everyday places, including public and semipublic spaces.

I’m also involved in the Bodily Experiences group, in which we design with the body as the main focus of the action, experience, communication, and play. During the last months, I have worked closely again with the company Movinto Fun, recently added as industry partners in Mobile Life.
Together, we keep investigating game concepts around a piece of technology that encourages movement and play.

I’ll finalise this abridged, highlighting my strengths and my interests. I will just mention that my combined background both in Telecommunication Engineering and in Interactive Systems Engineering grants me the possibility to participate in integrated design processes balancing user-driven and technology-driven approaches. My interest lies in designing for playful and enjoyable experiences that involves the moving body.

I am very interested in embodied experiences and gesture based interaction models, both the experience and the technology that facilitates it.


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